Talking environment…. We are moving around without recognizing the messages from the cities, villages, and houses. I tell the untold stories with my paintings.

Graduated architect, with several projects in Europe.

Painting and architecture is the obsession and passion of my lifetime. I like more doing artwork rather than writing about my art. Each work is a new invention. A unique visual experience to every person who gives a work a home or happens to glance its way. As I come to the completion of a painting I sense an original spirit infusing the composition. The many years of my work and study of fine art served me well and I feel my paintings show the result of intense private scrutiny and concentration.

I believe seeking peace is the highest of priorities one should have within their life goals. I try. When I think of what I would most like you the viewer to come away from a work of mine with is a sense of enjoyment and a little more peaceful than when it first attracted your attention.